The New Baghdad

So I’m heading to bed finally. Hoping I dont wake up to the sound of gunfire, or the news of more violence. In the last 3 days roughly 50 people have died as a result of greed,corruption, and hatred. Compare that to the roughly 300 that died last year and you can see that violence has escalated out of control and senselessly. Welcome to the New Baghdad, even regular family folks are saying they are scared and they’ve lived here their whole lives. At some points in the day I broke down in exhaustion, anger at the universe for allowing this to happen. But then I also awoke with new strength to continue this journey I’ve chosen.

I’m going to bed, realizing it could be just another night asleep, or my last night. It could always be my last moment. I think I appreciate life more realizing that. I appreciate my friends and I love them all dearly. I appreciate my talents, my joys, and my loves. I appreciate a war torn country that I love and have loved ever since I set foot on it even in the midst of chaos.  Where there is war, there is a need for peace and strength.

My friend spoke of me today and he said I’m one of the bravest people he’s met ever. In response to that I can only say that God has chosen to use me to be a vessel and a terribly undeserving one at that.

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