Long Term What Will Make Me Happy, I think.

There’s an itch in me. I see it more and more every day. I love to help people. But I need a scratch back now and then. Not all the time. Just now and then. Ultimately I think creating something that helps people overcome the fear of success is what I need to do. I need more structure in my helping other folks. Whether that’s an organization or whatever I don’t know maybe a collective of folks who are willing to help break the chains of crap that have held this country down for so damn long. Pardon my french. The amazing thing about this country is the people, the culture and the way of life. Oh and the food. The things I hate about this country sometimes are the same things. Don’t ask its’ complicated.

I’ve decided the best way to make change isn’t to just loan money to people who are struggling but to provide them resources to succeed. Let’s say someone has the dream of starting a business. I have a lot of experience atleast in the online world of starting successful microbusinesses. Microbusiness ventures in my opinion are low risk, high reward possibilities that can really change a country like Mexico. Let’s look at the resources that could be tapped to help a microbusiness get started in Mexico.

Kiva, is a great place to start.

Bill Clinton thinks so:

And so do I.

So I venture out on a personal project one that is easily the most personal I’ve ever been apart of. It’s not about making money online, its about making change in the world. In the next few days I will share more about this project I believe will keep my social desire to help in a safer portion of my world.

One thought on “Long Term What Will Make Me Happy, I think.

  1. Cento Angeli


    You are so full of heart, so giving to other people. I can totally see how this project would be right up your alley and you will do wonderfully with it 🙂 . You are a dreamer, and you are a doer too. You can definitely bring about positive change in the world.


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