The Dolphins Swim To Greet you

Standing over the ocean I see the waves crashing in. The chaos within my heart will not be calmed by the sun rising or the sun setting. Yet when you are here with me walking along side me the waves stop crashing, the birds return to chirping, and the darkness subsides.

Will you walk along my side in the morning, and lay beside me in the evening? Will you dream with me, and watch as I fall and rise again. Will you kneel with me as I pray. Will you mourn with me when I mourn? Will you cry with me when I cry?

Standing over the ocean I see the dolphins swimming in to greet you. The chaos is gone within my heart because you are here with me. You are here by my side in the morning and the evening as often as the sun rises, and the sun sets. Only you can help me now.

Walking along side me I remember the days of old when memories were like flowers in the wind. Your fragance is like the ocean mist. We’ve dreamed together, we’ve climbed mountains together, and we’ve won battles together. Can we now cherish the times we’ve spent together and cherish each breath that we’ve shared?

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