I am an entrepreneur. I’ve read Four Hour Work Week. Some good stuff inside. Some of it is just plain bullshit. Who want’s to outsource your dating? Is that really what I want to tell my wife? I met you because I was lazy to not outsource the search… But this book got me thinking about a lot. Namely finances and lifestyle.

I started reading Wise Bread, Get Rich Slowly, The Simple Dollar.

In 2008 I’m dead set on a hybrid retirement. In 2007 I worked way to hard. Gave up on a lot of my own dreams. Didn’t develop the new hobbies I wanted to. Guess what. That mentality didn’t make me happy. This year is different. This year it’s about spending 10% of my Earnings on Kiva Stories, helping develop minority businesses with women and at risk men in developing countries.

10% of my time will be spent on a new hobby. I’m working on finding this one. But so far I’m leaning towards Photography and/or Custom Crafting Fishing Tackle.

This still gives me plenty of time to work, and plenty of time to enjoy life. By the end of the year I want my businesses to primarily be self sustainable with me spending 4 hours a day managing them and the rest of day in hybrid retirement doing hobby stuff or doing social work.

The Four Hour Work Week is a great book , and a horribly misguided book. Many of the principles are full of crap and I actually tested some of them out. I’d like to encourage Tim Ferriss to think about the long term effects of driving an outsourcing economy and how that makes us Americans look. I do agree however that we need to make our lives simpler, clutter free, and free of worry. So there is good in this book, but there’s also a lost little poor puppy who needs about 10 years more business sense on his shoulders. Although he’s done a great job hoodwinking the masses on this book. But how many are living the dream? And how many people is he just feeding a fantasy. This lifestyle is not possible for most of us.

Nor should it even be attempted.

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