I am working on a report about blog valuation. It’s a long overdue report on how I value blogs, and can also be applied to all kinds of websites. In doing this report I realized what it also takes to Build A Better Blog. Many of the concepts that are important in finding the value of a blog could also be used to go back to a blog that is undervalued and used to increase value.

So let’s take a look at 5 very important aspects of a valuable blog and how they increase the value of your blog.

1. High Quality Brand
2. Community Interaction
3. Natural Link Growth
4. Multiple Streams of Revenue
5. High Quality Content

One blog I’m thinking of that has done an amazing job of ‘pushing’ their blog into the public mindset is PopCrunch. I sold this blog a little over a year ago and it’s seen remarkable growth and done a great job of branding itself. In the first 6 months of this blogs life I spent an incredible time attempting to help bring brand saturation to the forefront on this site. I started in the tech community where I had many contacts. Use the contacts you have to build a brand. If your blog lacks a brand start a new brand move the content and start afresh. Use social networks to build your brand.

Freebie: A Brand Is Linkable

Seawaves has also spent a lot of time developing a community at PopCrunch. Developing a community will go a long ways to building a highly valuable blog. Many times when people are looking to buy blogs they immediately look to see what kind of community interaction whether forums, comments, or feedback the site is getting. I personally place a HUGE value on comments. This makes a site increasingly valuable and also increasingly important to maintain continuity of a community if the site is ever sold. Here’s a great article on building community that Digg and Reddit management should read.

Freebie: Advertisers love communities

Natural Link Growth
You can buy links for a new site. I bought a few for Popcrunch when I started it. Within months I ended those arrangements. The most important growth of a new site besides high quality content is high quality natural inbound link growth. Links are an economy and if you aren’t getting any your site is pretty stale and in need of a major overhaul. Even old sites can become useless if they don’t look at their natural inbound link growth in comparison with last year. A 100% drop in inbound links could spark signs of an end of traffic growth,revenue, and livelihood. Here’s a great start to the world of natural link building.

Freebie: Google loves fresh links

Multiple Streams of Revenue
The reason I sold Popcrunch was because it had little to no revenue potential in the short term. It was a cashcow. I was spending thousands a month on it and raking in no profits. Getting rid of it was far more important than continuing to take a loss. If you are going to have long term success on a blog you have to have multiple streams of revenue whether adsense + affiliate revenue. Or better yet, you own Products + Affiliates. DoshDosh gives us a heads up on increasing the streams of revenue that is hugely important.

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High Quality Content
I could go on and on for hours about quality content. But the truth of the matter is. Content begets links, begets traffic,begets revenue, begets success. And that my friends is the conclusion on how to increase value in your blog. Copyblogger is the home of how-to’s in developing good content. Here’s one of my favorite pieces.

Freebie: Readers Love Good Content

In Conclusion
Building a better blog takes energy,time,effort, and in some cases money. These are just five things, five of the most important in my opinion. Over the years I’ve seen people pander potential as something that should be sellable or should be a tool in evaluation of blogs but potential is something we all have. Potential is the possibility to win or lose. Success is in executing that potential. These five essential tips are just that tools to help you reach your blogs utmost potential. You are the only thing in its way. So get back to work at bringing success to your blogs.

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