Obituary of David Krug

Im not sure why I did this. But tonight as part of some mental flossing I wrote my own obituary. It follows below.

David Krug,77 died while fly fishing. He is survived by his beautiful wife and 2 children, and 6 grandchildren. He spent much of his life as a writer, and an internet entrepreneur. When he wasn’t working he was trying to make the world a better place…..all th while wearing Disney T-Shirts

Writing an obituary is a great way to start making small steps to reforming my life. Something I’m eagerly trying to do. Slowly and steadily. Making the world a better place has always been a goal. The journey it’s the part of the process that continually is shaping me. Don’t worry I set my death date about 50 years from now. Just for clarification I hope I live that long.

One thought on “Obituary of David Krug

  1. Sharon

    Thanks for scaring me to death with that title on this gloomy looking morning. Sheesh!

    I’m glad you set your last day for 50 years from now. I’d like it better if you set it for 70 years from now though. šŸ™‚

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