I don’t know who you are. I don’t know if we’ve met. But I know someday I will love you with my entire heart. I know that you are worth waiting for. That the time we aren’t together makes the time we are together that much more sweet. Over the last few years I’ve learned that patience is a virtue that I must learn. I’m still young and so are you. I watch as my friends are rushing off to start families and build the next part of their lives and I have to admit I’m jealous sometimes. But then I remember out there somewhere you are waiting for me. So I can keep waiting for that moment, the moment our eyes first me. The moment our lips first touch. The moment we share our lives for eternity. In the meantime I’m thankful I don’t have to send anyone else flowers, I don’t have to send anyone else a box of chocolate. Out there you are there and If I knew who you are I’d swim across the ocean, climb any mountain just to meet you for the first time. In the meantime know that I’m here waiting to love you. Love isn’t a game, it’s not always romantic. It’s an action, a desire, a passion, a quest. One in which I’m still preparing for. So when the quest begins I hope I’m ready. I hope I’m ready to love you, and you alone for the rest of eternity. No matter what we face. Whatever obstacle. Whatever challenge. I will be there for you. For you alone. So sweetheart. I hope you have an amazing Valentines Day. I’m thinking about you. Praying for you…

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