lakewood coloradoI’m 28 years old, and I’ve made my share of mistakes in my life. I’m not a big believer in regrets … and I have learned tremendously from every single mistake … and my life is pretty great. I don’t blame anything on my parents. Fact of the matter was I didn’t really have any. I did spend the majority of my teen years in an insulated religious commune where they taught us nothing useful about the real world but the fishing was amazing.

I wouldn’t change a single thing about my life to be honest. You just have to keep plugging along. I do miss a family sometimes but I really feel it is there choice they aren’t here. We live, we make choices and we all have to move on. You can be successful and not have a solid family life. Trust me. It’s possible.

Here’s 5 things I did learn along the way that have majorly effected me positively.

1 Being a minimalist gives you freedom
Minimalism gives you financial freedom and the ability to use money more freely.

2 Invest in yourself first
It took me a long time to figure this one out. I used to think you could give everything away. Help everyone and somehow this made you a better person. Truth of the matter is you have to invest in yourself first. Otherwise you will die. So go out and make sure your in the best shape, best health, and treat yourself amazing. Your life will be so much happier.

3 Start a personal blog.
There are tons of reasons to start a personal blog. If I had a record to look back on when I was 18 I would be able to see how much I’ve changed and have a ton more links built in to this site. Just start one already.

4 Your Career Path Isn’t Important
Suprisingly your career path isn’t important. It’s having the passion to work hard, save more, and invest in yourself that will bring you happiness and success. Developing a strong work ethic and doing what you love to do that is more important than any ‘career’ choice.

5 Your dreams are more important than the American Dream
Being the person you want to be is way more important than the Volvo in the driveway, or the white picket fence.

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  1. I find #4 to be all too true. There’s no price you can put on doing something you like to do with people you like to work with and doing it to the best of your ability. There’s no satisfaction like that of a job well done.

  2. completely agree with ur first point… i generally try 2 b minimalist n then sometimes whn im in a real bad mood or sumthin i go splurge n d feeling is just amazing !! investing time in urself yes it does make u feel nice but u kno nice in a bad kind of way as in u r deriving d happiness out of doin sumthin u arent supposed 2 do u kno.. the happiness u get out od sharing n helpin is sumhow more satisfying and fulfilling dont u think ??
    anywayz thot it was a real nice post tho slightly philosophical and d last point mayb a lil utopian in today’s world.. wht u possess nowadays literally does define evrythin – who u r, ur status, how othrs perceive u n all…

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