Traditionally I’m lazy when it comes to cooking. I first think to myself…Can I eat out? And I only eat in if the weather is horrible. Today sitting around inside I came up with a recipe that is to die for.

Chipotle & White Wine Tuna Salad
5 or 6 Tostadas
1 Can of Friendly Tuna
2 Tablespoons Chipotle Mayo
1 dozen Capers
6 Green Olives
1 Teaspoon White Wine
1 Sprig Cilantro

Drain Tuna. In a bowl mix Tuna and Mayo till heavy thick consistency. Gently mix in one teaspoon of white wine, any house variety will do. Mix in 1 dozen capers. Finely chop green olives for texture and flavor and mix with the tuna salad. Serve at room temperature allow guest to spoon their own and serve on tostadas. Can be garnished with Tomato and Avacado for a rich amazing experience.

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