Why I’m Not A Coal Miner

coal miners son
My Dad grew up in Coal Mining Country, Southern Illinois’s Franklin County. His family didn’t want him to be a coal miner. See Coal Mining was a way of life when my dad grew up. His father was a mechanic in a coal mine. His uncles and many of the people he grew up respecting were also coal miners. My grandfather died prematurely as a result of coal mining. This didn’t slow down my fathers dreams. My father fought his way out of poverty to become a dentist. He worked his way through college, no not Devry University not getting his life served up on a silver platter. When life served him a plate of hardship he kept fighting for more, for a better life. My father is the picture perfect image of the American Dream. When shit happens he knew he could work hard and achieve greatness. He retired last year after 50 years of practice as a dentist. He was respected by many, loved by many more, and has left a lasting impression on so many people that it truly impresses me. My father overcame all odds and changed the path of our family forever. Otherwise who knows I could have been a coal miner, and so could have been my brother, and my sisters. You just never know.

My father taught me more than anything in life that I can write my own life story. And so can you. No matter your hardship, or whatever obstacle you have to overcome you can overcome it and achieve whatever your set your mind and heart to.

I’m sure I’m still bashed within my own family circles for my lack of education, and my lack of following societal norms but to be honest I believe I’ve embraced the one trait that makes the Krug family name one that we hold proud and that’s overcoming all odds to achieve our dreams.

Are you seizing your dreams? Are you overcoming odds?

Maybe it’s time to start….

2 thoughts on “Why I’m Not A Coal Miner

  1. S

    Great post, D. You’re right–everyone has a dream that makes them feel excited to get up in the morning. For you father, it was being a dentist. For you, it’s something different. But I can see his influence on you, that you are a passionate person and nothing that knocks you down keeps you down. You always get back up, which is why you’re successful at what you do 🙂 .

  2. this is amazing. I assume you took the photograph, I got directed here from a twitter link I think. I have no idea but I love your photos.

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