Federal Government Adopts Blogs and Wikis

According to the Federal Times more and more of government is embracing Web 2.0 type technologies to advance change within government. Although it’s slow moving at best.

In trying to better share information with the public, industry, the media and its own employees, the Environmental Protection Agency took an unusual tack: It set up a Web site and asked for ideas from those who rely on EPA’s data in their work and lives.
“A lot of issues we deal with are global in nature and require collaboration,” EPA’s chief information officer, Molly O’Neill, said in an interview. “We need to figure out how to use these [Web] tools to be more transparent and collaborative.”
O’Neill and others like her are breaking down cultural barriers that have long made government a transaction rather than a conversation for citizens, said Frank DiGiammarino, vice president for strategic initiatives at the National Academy of Public Administration.
“Somewhere along the line we, as a government, … took on all the problems and almost pushed people away from government and said ‘we got it,’ ” said DiGiammarino, who leads NAPA’s Collaboration Project, which is helping government embrace Web 2.0.

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