Three Rules For Startup Success

Micah Baldwin of Lijit has a great article about Startup Success:

1) Listen and absorb.

Spend time each day asking someone a question you would like the answer to. Dont always ask the same person. But do ask the same question to multiple people.

Absorb their answers. Dont run off and do them. You are not asking to be dictated to, you are asking for an opinion. An educated guess. A knowledgeable response. Absorb and classify answers as such.

2) Make Decisions. Live With the Consequences.

Dont take forever to make a decision, but dont make it too fast. Be knowledgeable. Be decisive. The difficulty is not making a decision, its living with the consequences. The first decision we all make, each day, is “should I get out of bed?” The real question is “Can I live with the consequences today will bring?”

Revel in the consequences. It is there that success and failure live, not in the decisions we make.

3) Move Through Failure.

Failure is a process. Every day, fail. Fail again. Learn. Then fail again. That process will lead you towards success more quickly than anything else. Mistakes are never bad. Repeating mistakes is the worst thing you could ever do.

As an added bonus, here is the best question you could ever ask a mentor or someone you are hoping to learn from: “What do you suck at?”

Take a moment to enjoy the process, the cadence, the rhythm of startups. Its a unique experience that only a few truly understand and appreciate.

I’m dealing with this whole overcoming failure thing as my startup is pretty much looking like a lemon at this point, although we are thinking about how we can make lemonade at this point.

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