How To Build A Rockstar Blog Foundation

I started one of the top celebrity blogs in the world from the comforts of a hotel room in San Diego. I invested roughly 10k dollars in getting this site setup and ended up selling it for educational purposes and financial neccesity. Looking back I should have held on to it, however if I wanted to I could create the same type of website on the fly in a bit longer time period by applying the same principles i did back then.

Here is what i did

My philosophy has always been the same. Build it. Market It. And the visitors will come.

With a celebrity website the key was to pump out more quality content then the competitors. Market it more aggresively, and wait to catch the revenue.

I dipped out right before the revenue began to spike but used what I learned to start yet another site that has done really well.

Building a quality site is much more simple than the voices around you will tell you. It is all about building quality content and marketing the quality content. Clear and simple. The real question is do you have what it takes to build the foundation of a great website? Most people start a website and then give up on it because they dont have the discipline to continue on.

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