On Assembling Blog Dream Teams

Read Write Web has a great article on the CrowdFusion story. I honestly didn´t see CrowdFusion coming onto the publishing scene but I really admire the team, and from what i know about the teams tech skills. I am jealous.

However, I really believe the web is huge and has many opportunities to expand and like their new blog Obsessable I don´t believe this website is about trying to compete with Engadget, or Gizmodo or any tech blog. I believe that they are realistically trying to build a company with a great publishing platform at its base.

Let´s look at what I believe is important in assembling Dream Teams.

The PopCrunch Team
Back when I started PopCrunch I assembled a raw green group of bloggers. Some of which have gone on to bigger and better things. Today´s team is even more talented from what it appears.

Ryan Caldwell, Publisher
Ryan is the guy behind the scenes at both PopCrunch and Performancing. A good buddy of mine I have seen him launch into his own and surpass me skill wise in the last few years. Great guy and works his arse off. Presumably the guy who focuses on all the details. He’s now out marketing T-Shirts and doing a good job of it.

Castina, Blogger
Castina seems to be a great and prolific blogger and obviously the key to the success of the site. I have yet to figure out who Castina is outside of PopCrunch but regardless the driving force of this Dream Team.

JD Arney, Social Media Guru
PopCrunch employs JD Arney who I know is behind many of the great social media articles that drive PopCrunch up and up and up and up again. JD is a long time buddy of mine

I am sure there are other folks who help along the way to keep this site up in its prime. But let´s take a good look at a few things. And I want to point back to my previous post on Building A Rockstar Blogging Foundation.

1. Content
Ryan and Castina and Cast pump out a lot of great content daily. It´s high quality and timely thus bringing in lots of great links and great readers.

2. Marketing
Not only do they create great content, but they spend a lot of time marketing the content. This is huge. And it is THE REASON for the site´s success. Having great content is great, but telling people about it is KING.

Building a blog dream team is about assembling the right cast of players, build on great technology that can work hand in hand to create great content and market it effectively.

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