Sons of our fathers

I have been reading Todat At The Mission, a blog about daily life in a homeless shelter. It is a touching blog written by someone who is truly talented. One particular post has touched me. It is called Sons of Our Fathers.

When you are a child your father is larger than life itself. He is inconquerable, immovable, unstoppable, the biggest, most important idea in your universe. He is a moral centre and compass, he is the source of all approval, the guarantor of meaning and value, the source of all love in your home of homes. As our childhood lives evolve we begin to realize – suddenly and shockingly, often – the limitations of our fathers. He can’t fix a broken arrow, he can’t guess what happened at school today, he’s afraid of snakes. His humanity grows in our childhood hearts, and our humanity grows with him.

Thinking of my father and the legacy he has passed on to me. The memories I hold dear, the moments we shared, the times we cherished one with another. I hope someday when I am a father I leave this kind of legacy behind for my son.

Thank you Pops!

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