How To Change The World

Working with a new client can bring some rewarding things to the table. One of the questions they asked me before I took the gig was How Would You Change The World?.

When i look at the problems that the majority of the world face i realize the seriousness of the issue. Here in the United States we would like to think that the collapsing economy is a huge problem, that the mortgage collapse is a huge problem, that the credit crisis is a huge problem. But their are bigger problems in the world than just the ones that we face.

The world faces a growing food shortage. The world faces an ever growing problem with poverty. The world faces a lack of clean drinking water. The world faces an ever mounting problem with simple diseasse killing millions of innocent children every year. The world faces a massive immigration problem with fathers being separated from their children, children and mothers from their fathers. The world faces a growing epidemic of wars over natural resources. The world needs change.

One of my favorite sayings is Be the change that you want to see in the world.

But how can one man bring true change to the world? How can we impact a world, the problems seem so large, and we seem so hopeless to combat the problems. Luckily we can. Change can be as simple as sharing resources, starting a prayer ministry, starting a fundraiser dinner, it can be as simple as educating those around you.

Ways To Change The World
Social networks

Fighting Poverty

Providing Clean Water
Global Water

Affordable Vacciness

Defending Human Rights
Amnesty International

These are some great organizations that could use your financial support. If you are really interested in bringing change create a community potluck create awareness about these organizations, pool funds amidst the community and help bring real change to the world. Do this as a community once a month and share new ideas in how to bring change not only in the world, but also within the community.

Remember to change the world, you must bring the change to the world.

Speaking of the world changing Prince Campbell has a great article on the world changing from a few days ago.

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