Why We Shouldn’t Put Our Faith In Barack Obama

Barack Obama will almost certainly win the US Presidential election. But when in the history of mankind has one man changed the world solely by himself? It has never happened. Not even Jesus could change the world by himself. He needed others.

barack obama

Change comes from a movement. Change comes from within. When on the outside I look inside I realize the problems in my own life paralel to the problems that the United States of America faces as a whole.

Greed is the underlying culprit which has corrupted a free economy. Greed is the underlying culprit that has corrupted our housing markets, our stock markets, our social markets. A sheer lust and desire for more. A lack of concern for mankind, for our neighbors, and even for our own familes.

America has moved from being consumerists, to being hedonists.

A new president can not be the change. Barack Obama can not be the change. You and I must be the change. If we desire a stronger economy, we must make the social and economic sacrifices that bring that change. Change starts at the top. Barack Obama can lead the change, but we also must follow.

In a few short weeks we have a choice to make. Who will be our next president? That choice to me is easy. But an even greater choice faces us every day, Will I be the change that the world needs?

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