5 Bloggers Who Change The World Daily

Bloggers Can Change The World. Here are 5 bloggers who change the world, not just in one big day, but every single day. Paying it forward in their daily lives.

Leo Babuata
Leo Babuata, Founder of Blog Action Day. Leo is a writer. But he is also one of the world’s foremost organizers of change. Influencing fundraising,awareness, and inspiration to help fight poverty. And while his work is seen one day out of the year. His extreme devotion to blog action day can be seen daily in his efforts to fight poverty,and bring positive change to the world. Blog Action Day stats are amazing. 12,800 Bloggers Participated. 14,053 Blog Posts were created. 13,498,280 Readers read about the change. Thousands of dollars were raised to fight poverty. This money and awareness will create a chain effect that will impact millions of people if not the whole planet for good. Bloggers, and Blogging Can Change The World. It is surely not dead.

Jordon Cooper
Jordon Cooper, Works at The Salvation Army Centre in Saskatoon,Saskatchawan,Canada. He is a former pastor, from the sounds of it a recovering one. Every day he managed to get up, and head to the local homeless shelter. He is the Residential Coordinator. If you have ever been homeless and I have you can appreciate the amount of work and dedication it takes to serve this portion of the population. Somehow in the midst of all of that he manages to blog, and share inspiration with the rest of us who can somehow if we are lucky glean some of his knowledge to become better humans and appreciate the work he is doing. I personally appreciate his articles on poverty. Blogging isn’t dead. It changes the world every single day just like bloggers.

Hugh Macleod
Hugh Macleod, provides humor for many daily. Including me. And we all need to laugh. Especially in our world today. Hugh markets wine. I personally just quit drinking, but his comics are sure inspiring and you don’t even realize he is selling a product because he’s just cool. Comics and blogs you wouldn’t think mix but somehow he utilizes blogging as his medium of choice. I am sure as hell glad he does. Without his comics many people wouldn’t laugh as much. Thanks Hugh. Blogging isn’t dead.

The Homeless Guy
The Homeless Guy, Kevin is a homeless man who has documented his struggles living on the street over the last few years. A few years ago I was homeless,living under a bridge. I stumbled upon Kevin’s blog. It inspired me. I managed to pick up the pieces and push my way through a living hell to get to the other side. He changed my world through blogging. He inspired me to pick up the pieces, and become a better person, and get out of my dire situation on my own just through sheer will power and hard work. Kevin happens to blog. His blog doesn’t make him any money. It does however make him some friends and helps him impact a world that badly needs to hear his side of the story. One in which many of us don’t understand and will never go through. Without his blog, we wouldn’t have his story. Blogging isn’t dead. It changes the world. Just like Kevin.

Bud Simon
Bud Simon, Missionary and Blogger in Central America
Bud Simon is a missionary. Up until today I had never heard of him. He is a church planter in remote central america. He reaches people with the message of hope and faith that can change people’s lives and eternal salvation. He does this every single day. He also happens to blog. He shared his call to misssions in one blog post. His reach in Central America is amazing. He probably reaches more people with the gospel than the ancient apostle Paul. But who’s counting. I for one am thankful Bud Simon blogs, and is a missionary. Blogging isn’t dead.

Bloggers can change the world. They do it every day. Sharing their lives with absolute strangers, friends, and even you.

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