The Death of Blogging As We Know It

Wired published a ridiculous story about the death of blogging. Someone else mentioned to me about my lack of web leverage of late. Both coincide logically with one another. I spent less time blogging in the last 6 months for myself and more for other people. This was a harmful mistake. It did create less followers, and faithful fans. However it did create meaningful value to the client. However was the trade off worth it? I am not so sure.

Today on the web I have a clean slate. I am doing some part time non profit type work and I am still open to do online work but it has to inspire me, motivate me, and drive me to want to help that organization succeed. I can´t build content without meaning anymore.

I used to be able to separate from purely showing up day in and day out and creating content, working with clients and creating valuable content to make money. But anymore for me this is not possible.

I dream of a day when I can create meaningful content, and still make money. Content that will bring change to the world. We all have to create bread, but we don´t all have to create bread by exploitation, and meaningless dribble that puts us to sleep. Not saying this is ALL I have been doing, but truthfully I am sick of making money just to make money. I want to make money because its something I enjoy doing. Something that I have missed online for a long long time.

So if you are looking for someone to partner with on something meaningful, feel free to ping me. I am tired of worn out unpassionate concepts, I need something that brings me to life. I need something that I would go even as far as to say I would be willing to die for. Doors open and doors close. Let´s hope this intentional decision will open new doors of blessing,hope, and passion. I want to dream again. I want to have hope that our world can be a better place and I want desperately to be apart of it.

2 thoughts on “The Death of Blogging As We Know It

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