How Twitter Can Change The World

Some folks recently said that blogging was dead. And that interacting on twitter,facebook,and various other “dead ends of the internets” (sarcasm) was the wave of the future. They may have been right. But I don’t see one’s growth as another’s death. The growth of twitter is great. It helps me explore and find other great people. It has changed my world, yet it has not killed blogging and my appreciation for longer forms of communications. Just the evening a tweet changed my world. I stumbled upon the twitter page of one Rachel Cornell.


Rachel, is legally blind. She is also a blogger. More importantly she has learned to live a life without limitations. Rachel is a gifted public speaker. An inspiration to others. Already reading through her archives I am touched, and inspired. Let me explain. Sometimes I too feel as though I am going through hell.

Over the last 7 years I have gone from having good vision to being disabled. I am not legally blind, but I am technically disabled. I never claim disability or allow it to limit my life but at times I become desperate, isolated and afraid. I am afraid to go out at night because I am easily disoriented. I sometimes am afraid to get up if I am alone at night because I often times fall in the dark. Reading someone else who likewise has different but similar challenges and overcomes them with joy is encouraging and inspiring. Tonight it changed my world. It is that simple.

Twitter can change the world.
Twitter is about following people passionately.
Twitter is about exploring other people’s lives.
Twitter is about believing that community is good.
Twitter is about encouraging one another intentionally.
Twitter is about sharing life with one another.
Twitter is about meeting people accidently.
Twitter can change the world. And it did tonight.

Feel free to follow Rachel on Twitter

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