A Good Partner is Worth Their Weight In Gold

A good partner is worth their weight in GOLD. Moses and Aaron come to mind as good partners. Elijah and Elisha as well. Many biblical partners show how God used two men, or one man and one women to accomplish great things. Likewise in the business world a good partnership can be the difference between a success and a failure.

I recently ran a business solely without a partner. It failed miserably. Largely because I didn´t have a partner. In the past I´ve had other businesses that went on to amazing success largely because I partnered with good people who were just as passionate and devoted as I was.

That´s what I do for your business. I become the partner who works with you,for you, and alongside you. Giving you insights that you might have missed. I´m the partner who is invested in you. Not just your business.

I´m your Elisha. I´m your sidearm in a time when you need it most. I´m the one you can count on when everyone else is at home with the family. I´m the guy you can call on at all hours of the day and night and I will come to your aid. Because a partner is worth his or her weight in Gold. And that´s why I bring to your business. A partnership, a friendship, not just for you but for your growing business.

Find out more about my Virtual Management Consulting and how we can become partners for success.

One thought on “A Good Partner is Worth Their Weight In Gold

  1. jamsi

    I like it. Microconsulting, nice move. You should list some of your achievements on that page though, Blog Herald etc 🙂

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