IT HelpDesk MicroConsulting

One of the concepts behind my Microconsulting that envigorates me is IT Assistance. Today is a far different world than when I worked at a helpdesk at Einstein Bros. Bagels about 10 years ago.


Working the helpdesk was a piece of cake. Mostly we supported stores, and store managers who knew very little with computers and problems could be solved by logging in, and rebooting systems and sending small patches down the wire.

Today is a different world. We have independent artists, virtual assistants, bloggers, web workers, and social media consultants who daily utilize web based technology to work.

But where is the Help Desk?

I have come up with a simple solution. Provide FREE first level help desk assistance. Basically if we can solve your question within 140 character response we will. If we can´t solve your question we will atleast point you to a service that can help you. Whether that be a link to an indepth article, or a physical provider in your area who can assist you. It´s totally free, so no need to offer a money back guarantee.

What are our SERVICES?
Web Based Application Support
Web Based Email Support
Self Hosted WordPress Support
WordPress Plugin Assistance
FREE Support
and just about any desktop support imaginable…

How To Get Started
Follow Us On Twitter
Send us an @ITHelpDesk with your Question
We will reply with an @YOU response with an Answer

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