How To Find Websites To Buy

I often get asked Where Do You Buy Blogs? Yawn. There really isn´t a plain and clear answer for me. I buy them from friends,and enemies, and anyone willing to sell to me. However over the years I have found that SitePoint is the most consistent place to buy blogs and other websites. I pretty much ignore other avenues of acquisition unless I know the seller personally.

Doing the basic research on any industry is huge. Today I am sharing the core research I did on website flipping.

1. It is a growing industry
2. Sitepoint is becoming more focused on this market
3. Flipping is becoming a more common form of online revenue

Some folks are making a killing in website flipping. I know at one point I did. I could do it again with time and patience. Especially in this weak economy. Focus on buying related sites is BIG. But it is not neccesary. Buy smaller related websites and tweak em and sell em. That´s the basics behind this industry. I think that is why I love it so much.

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