What is A Quaker?

A Quaker is a believer of the Quaker faith and a member of the Society of Friends, known for their pacifist views. Over the last 10 years I have grown disheartened with the USA’s constant state of war. I have grown angered by the lack of any real Christian response to it. Instead Christians seem to encourage war and the protestant work ethic has been transformed into a how much can I get for my buck ethic that seems to have transformed Protestants into Walmartians.

Walmartians for a lack of a better term seem to justify lower prices at any ethical or moral costs.

The effect of 8 years of Walmartian Regime has led to a massive economic crisis, terror, middle east chaos, rising energy costs, border tension and human rights violations, and well the decline of the modern world. Walmarting is all about paying less for more, at the expense of someone else. In essence it is greed played out on the Free Market.

All of this just doesnt seem Right to me. I have felt drawn to the Religious Society of Friends over the last 8 years largely because I didn’t feel like I could fit in with the Mennonites. It just seemed to well uninviting. And to say I didn’t try hard enough would be well not even close to the truth.

Friends, or Quakers are a diverse people consisting of several distinct branches. We continue our traditional testimonies of pacifism, social equality, integrity, and simplicity, which we interpret and express in a variety of ways.

For me Quakerism is about being open to God using me, or you, or maybe the both of us at the same time to do something Amazing to share God’s Amazing Love and Grace for All Mankind.

And yes you can do that without being too religiousy. Because I will be the first to say I hate religion but I love God. And we have no peace because we have forgotten to love one another and we have forgotten that God still loves us.

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