Mexico’s Storm of Violence

Mexico is engulfed in a war. A war bigger and uglier than the war in Iraq. A war that could shape the future of the United States. Yet it was not a campaign issue.

tijuana violence

The ground war is for control of drug trafficking territory. The real war is for the entire country including Tijuana. Mexico as a country could be slipping into a huge and fundamental could that make it a country without a leader, the president merely acting as a speaker but the entire nation of Mexico is heading into a lawless period with Drug Lords leading the charge.

el chapo

Violence has gripped the nation and forced a drastic decline in tourism, foreign expats, and day to day business has halted. The number one business in Mexico revolves around illegal business operations. Mainly the drug trade. The more this shift happens the more problems it will create for The Border, Immigration, and Real Terror here in the United States.

One thought on “Mexico’s Storm of Violence

  1. mexicomystic

    When Americans stop shoving that white powder up their noses….then the drug cartels & violence will fade away from Mexico.

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