How To Become A Social Networker

A Social Network is a social structure made of nodes, generally individuals or organizations that are tied by one or more specific types of interdependency, such as values, visions, ideas, financial exchange, friendship, kinship, dislike, conflict or trade.

In some aspects I am beginning anew, creating a new social network as a result of a change of direction,goals,visions, and location. So I must first dust off the old notebook and determine a few things.

What are my goals, visions, dreams, and desires?
First off my goal is to help make the world a better place. Finding people likewise in similar fields of change is a neccesity.

What are My Challenges?
I have to remain focused. I have to light a fire under my heart again. I have to create a safe network of friends who are supportive and kind. I have to overcome my own fears and failures, and learn to have the passion and drive that I once had.

How do I accomplish this?
Every day I must meet one new person who can help drive me forward, I must have one interaction that helps bring about change not only in my life but also in other people’s lives.

I love networking, so this year I will spend time in more constructive networking. My primary focus will be twitter as I find my fellow twitterers more engaged,and engaging as well. Secondarily my Facebook needs to be used for something. I need to explore how I can use Facebook to network and interact more productively than I did last year.

Many of us are introverted, with stress, and challenges I have let myself become an introvert of sorts. Not neccesarily a bad thing, but I need to either embrace this, or overcome it. I tend to like the ME that was less an introvert and more of an extrovert. For me it is all about recouping the energy levels of 07 that will bring this about.

Sometimes’ it’s ok to admit we have become a person we don’t like. For me that is very true. However by breaking out of old habits I can again be the dude that brings positive change to the world. That’s My Dream, and I am going to accomplish it one day at a time.

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