How To Change The World: New Years Resolutions

I made some changes to the blog today. Largely because I am having a mid life crisis. After my appendix surgery, flight from Mexico as a result of a crashed relationship, fighting off malaria, and various other crises. I feel lost. On the one side battling guilt, and on the other side battling health problems. More than anything I realized I just want to use my God given talents to bring change to the world. But first I have to bring change to my own world.

Somehow first off I must overcome my own weaknesses. I have to get healthy again. I have to face my fears and overcome them. I have to embrace a new surge in networking. Networking is what brought on my past successes and will bring on new successes in the future. A list of New Year’s Resolutions seems fitting.

1. Eat Healthy and Excercise
2. Face my fear of …
3. Network, Network,Network
4. Stay Focused on Goals
5. Forget about what I accomplished before

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