Learning To Let Go of Everything

When you have lost everything it is now time start over. For those of us who have lost a loved one, a job, a house, or our own sanity. Today marks a new day. Today is the first day to a new Us. We have to let go of our failures, and the bitter taste this has left in our hearts and minds. Because it is this bitterness that can poison even our health. I struggled with depression when I lost a relationship, a job, and a this last time I moved. Sometimes little things would send me into a flurry of emotion. Finally a few months later I am free of it. But sadlly enough sometimes I have to repeat the power of positive thinking every single day. Even when people so badly want to focus on my weak areas, my failures, or when I have let them down. We have all failed one time or another. I have failed miserably in my own life. Lest I list them all. I blame myself for broken relationships in my adopted family,with my sisters,with my half brother,and half sister, and to be honest I realize that some of these issues are my fault. And some of them are the result of a lack of forgiveness on both sides. Sometimes even with these problems no matter how heartbreaking we have to let them go. Another day a miracle will bring all of us back together again.

Sometimes the miracle is letting go. We feel a burden lifting from us. Then we can fly. We can become the person we need to become. Sometimes its in letting go that we gain everything we’ve ever wanted.

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