The Tijuana Guide To Social Media

Welcome To Tijuana, the sign says in both English and Spanish. But this will be the last time you feel you are back in the good old United States. You have entered a third world country with less rights, less understanding, and less clarity than what you are used to. There are customs you must follow, like not being a loud obnoxious arrogant person. You have to ease your way into the culture. Something you just can’t do in one trip to this place with a bad reputation but home to numerous artists,musicians, and humanitarians. Tijuana is a lot like Digg. There are good people,bad people, and way too many trolls to count. For me Digg just isn’t worth the time of day.

Although to many people they love to go there to market their best content because everything sells in Tijuana, and at Digg too!

I tend to enjoy a quieter place. Tijuana has some lovely beaches, although not as nice as California,or the rest of Mexico for that matter but its cheap living with a good community of musicians and surfers.

beware of the road

Playas De Tijuana is a lot like Reddit. It’s smaller, has a lot less traffic and it’s easier to navigate and to get to know people. You are a lot less likely to run into trolls like you would on Digg, but there’s still that off handed chance you might. Reddit is great for networking with folks and pushing out the occassional great post.

At some point you need to take your social media marketing up a notch. You need to have amazing friends in order to survive. Mexico is home to some great people, and some trolls. But the key thing is to surround yourself with great friends, united around a common cause. And that is relationships.

Instead of focusing on trying to be everything to everyone I would recommend being yourself and find a tight nit of friends to hang out with. That’s why I love Twitter, it allows you to do just that.

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