Clark Fork River Fishing Trip is being planned

I have a lot of fond memories of sitting on the side of the Clark Fork River just outside of Drummond.

clark fork river

I do fly fish, but prefer spincasting. I used to go fishing quite regularly with Norman a good friend of mine. He likewise was a spincaster but dabbled a bit more in fly fishing than I did. He more a hunter than a fisherman but both of us likewise spent many an hour on the water. I tended to think of my time on the water as more of a spiritual event than a recreational event.

clark fork river

Fishing tends to make a person forget all the stresses of daily life,personal struggles, and irritations. Casting the line on the water, and letting go each, only positive energy returning to you.

And so my planning begins… I need to go fishing. It’s been awhile since I tossed the line out on the water and the only place I know that I’m guaranteed 100% tranquil waters and pans of trout is back in the hill country of Montana.

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