Creating A Sound Laundering Investment Portfolio

This is a fictional novel in progress. All people depicted are fictional.
Part One: The Introduction To The Mexican Life
Part Two: Into The Zona Norte
Part Three: How To Become A Drug Dealer

I quickly counted the money on the table. It was a small amount Eddie said. He said they didn’t have any trouble laundering the money, but wanted to diversify in order to see a long term investment, and even more importantly short term investments pay off. I had never been involved in banking. I did a brief stint of consulting for a Mexican Savings and Loan institution but that was on managing their website. I had never managed money before. But who is to argue with someone who is financing a war.

I knew the internet and I knew there was money to made there. So I first created a shell corporation in Hong Kong and another in Nauru and finally one in the grand old United States. Each company served a unique purpose. I registered all the corporations online. I did that with a prepaid visa card I picked up in Centro.

The money would move ever so swiftly from HSBC into a Hong Kong Subsidiary. Our Hong Kong Corporation was setup to invest in our US Corporation. Which only purpose was to buy websites and internet businesses from the Sitepoint Marketplace. I would then hire people to manage them and all the profits would be pushed recycled into three directions.

1. Prepaid Debit Cards
2. Naura Shell Corporation
3. Reinvest in other websites

In 4 months time our income flowing back was at a 10% yield which I thought was pretty impressive. The war was beginning to be financed from a limited swath of the profits. That was the key thing. My job was simple. Keep the money flowing.

One afternoon after about six months Eddie walked into my work/living space at the compound in Murua and he was carrying a big box. It was gold and jewels seized from somewhere. I didn’t ask questions. He told me to liquidate it and reinvest it into our work.

tijuana warzone

125k dollars later and 3 days of hard work selling the gold and jewels and I had hard cash. I had 3 or 4 people working with me at anyone time moving money into HSBC in San Diego and Mexico. From there it would get pushed around the globe and back into the United States. It seems rather complicated now, but was rather simple. Smaller deposits moved daily by runners were moved across the border by Americans or those with dual citizenship. From there the money moved too fast to track.

We invested in small business, and big ones. We invested in everything we could get our hands on. Our money was multiplying and so was the blood around us…

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