Baby Step Solutions To Tijuana Drug War

I’ve been working on my Tijuana novel project. And I thought I would explain. I am not trying to glorify the dark side of this war. In fact this work of fiction is meant to bring awareness and reflection. To bring about awareness of a much bigger problem of exploitation not only in Tijuana but in the United States and how we as Americans fund the war that is going on in Tijuana by purchasing drugs, and creating policies that reward criminal organizations.

As Christians, how can we do something different. How can we utilize the teachings of Jesus to bring about an end to the war in Tijuana?

Tijuana Drug War

One of my friends and I discussed this very topic this morning. Also really soaking myself in the book by Brian McClaren Everything Must Change. Realizing that the same old systems just aren’t working. And sending troops and federal officials into Tijuana is not the long term solution, albeit it may curb violence in the short term.

As Christians or better yet Jesus Followers, what can we do to help? I mean it feels like a vicious cycle and it’s right here on our doorstop. Our neighbors lying in pools of blood while we sleep at night in our warm beds largely ignoring one of the world’s most violent conflicts.

Fighting this war with guns, and more violence does nothing to end the violence. Investing in the youth of Tijuana is going to be a large part of the solution. The only solution is ultimately the Kingdom of God

What does that look like?

Here are some ideas in how to help:
Support Tijuana’ s Orphanages
Orphans are often the ones pressed into service of the cartels after they reach 14. Supporting orphanages with financial support, and also relational integration will help end the chain of oppression on these young children. Also creating a future for them that is one of hope.

Creation of Good Solid Christian Private Schools
As Christians we need to begin pondering a new wave of investment into Mexico. Proper education will give Mexican Children new opportunities for a better life. Helping end the cycle of poverty begins with a good education and opportunities for a better life. As Christians we have an obligations to help bring to the forefront an alternative mentality to the problems that sit here on our doorstop. We have the responsibility to be the light the world needs and that means being the change we want to see in this world. We need to be the good Samaritans. Investing in education is one way to change that cycle.

Creation of A Living Wage Within Tijuana’s Manufacturing Industry
Tijuana is home to many manufacturing sweatshops. Forcing US corporations to increase wages will push young people who are led into the drug trade into a good job instead of feeling a sense of desperation and turning to illegal criminal activities. Investing in responsible businesses that create a living wage and boycotting those that do not will leave a lasting impression and help lift this nation out of poverty and oppression. As Christians we have this obligation and responsibility.

Prayer for Peace and God’s Intervention
One of the effective ways we can effect positive change on the entire region is through prayer for peace and God’s intervention in the whole mess. We must intercede on those who are oppressed. We must pray to God that justice is granted to the downtrodden.

In conclusion:
Our empire is telling us to be afraid of Mexico. This is destroying their economy and really causing more problems. As Christians we have an obligation to ignore common sense and invest our dollars in the economy. This means we must go where others are often afraid. We must be the shining light.

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