Building Membership Sites

I was lurking around on the web for information about membership sites. Now mind you I’ve been a member of Brian Clark’s Teaching Sells since it launched so I figured let’s do something with this knowledge. I thought for awhile about creating an ebook on this topic I am passionate about. But after doing a ton of research I think it’s better long term financially to create a membership site.

Like Yaro Starak says:

Imagine waking up each day, indulging in your absolute favorite hobby, helping others learn about what you do, talking about your passions with like minded individuals and doing it all for as long as you want to AND getting paid $40,000 a month to do it.

Lately I’ve been giving out a lot of free help,free information, and free tips. And sometimes on forums that I participate on. After awhile free becomes annoying. So off I go to build something that is worthwhile under my own umbrella.

I could go off and build a dog site like some friends of mine. Or get it more narrowly focussed like Puppy Training but I really don’t know enough about this to be considered an expert in this field.

So I first have to find something I’m passionate and knowledgeable about. Then I have to build a good website framework. I’m going to bootstrap so I don’t have to raise a bunch of funds or max out my credit cards, or my American Express Platinum. God knows that’s all I need is more debt.

Well I’m sold on what kind of site I’m going to build. It’s top secret and so now I’m off to go build it. Who knows I might actually keep it this time.

2 thoughts on “Building Membership Sites

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