Watchmen The Movie

I’ve read some reviews of the Watchmen and I want to be clear on something. I’ve never read the comic books. I’m not into Comic Books but I guess they are a big deal.


I read an interesting review on The Film Journal:

It’s important to note right off the bat that this review of the new comic-book blockbuster Watchmen is penned by a critic who first picked up Alan Moore’s seminal 1986 graphic novel in high school and has read it at least once a year in the decades since. I’m mentioning this because it’s difficult, if not impossible, for those of us who know the book inside and out to evaluate how Zack Snyder’s film version will play for the uninitiated. That’s true of most book-to-film adaptations, of course, but Watchmen remains a special case because of the fierce passion it inspires among its fans, who will be going into the theatre with a mixture of anticipation at seeing the book brought to life and fear of the changes Snyder may have made in the process. Viewers who aren’t familiar with Watchmen will face a separate challenge: keeping up with a complex story that spans decades and involves dozens of characters.

I found this moving exhilarating even though it was a bit over the top. I could tell it was meant to be a comic book adaptation and the story line was great. It appealed to me because I’d never seen the comic book but knew that it was revered.

Now I completely understand why everyone at the movie had Watchmen T-Shirts. This serial book series has some huge following among comic book lovers. And you should never underestimate the ability to sell comic book movies.

I would recommend this movie in a heartbeat. It’s story line, romance and character development was excellent. And even though it had no major actors the acting was BIG Time.

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