Content Rich by Jon Wuebben

I’m working on a small membership site. One of the things that has really helped me is picking up a a book that was recently given to me. It’s entitled Content Rich by Jon Wuebben.

I’m normally not into reading about SEO and Copywriting. I can do plenty of that online at SEOBook or at CopyBlogger. Heck I could pick up skype or AIM and ping any numerous experts in the field of seo and copywriting for their advice. But I’ve become a bit slack in my building of niche sites.

This book is inspiring. It has helped me refocus and is actually helping me build a site that is more focussed on copywriting than I have ever created. Which in turn I believe will result in more conversions which is my primary goal of course.

The book reminded me of tools I had forgotten and had informed me of ones that I hadn’t used yet. It’s definetly worth the read that’s for sure. Even if you think you know everything you can possibly know about SEO and Publishing online.

I’m a veteran who has built numerous websites for companies and to be honest with you this book really knocked my socks off.

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