A Love Letter To Home Depot Employee# x1x1x1x

home depot“I’m in Home Depot. A series of consumer canyons tower menacingly overhead. All I need is a thingamajig. Where is it and who cares? My eyes quickly scan the horizon of stuff looking for a little just-in-time customer service. I want to scream: Take your eyes off those boxes! Get down off that stupid ladder! Quit visiting with your coworkers! Don’t pick up that phone! Pay attention to me!
But it’s pointless, and I finally get it: I’m an interruption. An irritation. They’d prefer I wasn’t in their building. They’ve forgotten why they went into business. It wasn’t to count boxes. Or visit each other. Or ignore the customer. They went into business to pay attention to the customer. ”

I’m reading a book with my Sunday Morning Book Club. It’s Adventures in Missing The Point. I think God is trying to tell me something……..maybe trying to tell all of us something.

I go into Home Depot with my friend who recently purchased a home. He is spending thousands of dollars remodeling. And he’s buying most of his supplies at the Home Depot in El Cajon. I feel like I am walking into the introduction to Brian McClaren’s book. It’s as though all of Home Depot’s employees don’t want us there. Don’t care about us. Don’t want us buying products to fix up his house. They just want us to go away.

One employee even remarked They should go to Lowe’s

This is so true of our society. Sometimes we don’t want to be bothered. But sometimes it’s the whole point of us existing. To be bothered. And the folks over at the Home Depot in El Cajon, and maybe me have a lot to learn.

Being bothered and learning to love one another is our whole point of existence…even if it’s inconvienent.

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