The War On Starvation

In the United States we have a war on drugs, a war on terror,and conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan,and with a handful of Somali Pirates, as well as an increased focus on returning to the good old days of the Wide Open World of Economic Prosperity. We focus on potential global pandemics but ignore real problems like Starvation.


Facts about Starvation
963 million people across the world are hungry.
Every day, almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes–one child every five seconds.

Every single day the equivalent of five 9/11 tragedies happen to children around the world. They die. Murdered by those who have, and fail to distribute to the needy. Yet Christians in the First World remain largely unaffected,unsympathetic and unwilling to lift a finger to stop the endless suffering of those who deserve a better world. Those who deserve to live. Amidst the corpses lies a father,a pastor,a saint, a family man, a hero who we let die from starvation.

What can we do
As first world citizens when we will take a stand and demand an end to this endless suffering? When will commissions be formed by churches,NGOs, and citizens asking important questions and seeking solutions to this madness?

What do you think
Please ping me via email krugonwp @ if you have ideas, want to talk about this issue. I am just beginning to dive into it. I can’t get the statistics out of my mind. Can’t get the suffering out of my head, and believe we have to do something to stop this…

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