The War In Uganda


I was alerted to the war in Uganda last year sometime. It was an old friend online who told me about the travesty, the violence, and the savagery that was being leveled upon the human race. I was ashamed to be a human living in the 1st world and having never heard of these atrocities.

With the civil war raging in Uganda and the soldiers largely children it is one of the worst wars I have ever heard of. It makes me ashamed at times to even be human wishing I could step in and sacrifice myself for a moment and take the place for these young kids.

There are some organizations out there that have dedicated themselves to ending this war. Namely Invisible Children. .

Businesses doing postive actions in Uganda:
Uganda Beads from the Acholi Tribe are a socially proactive business that has also done some amazing things to help spread awareness, and help aid a country badly in need of aid.

Think about ways you can get involved whether that’s volunteering with Invisible Children, or throwing a bead party or maybe both. This is a conflict we can not afford to avoid.

Disclaimer: I previously and in the future will accept payment by one of the firms mentioned in this report. With this in mind I am certain my views on these issues are slightly biased however I am not paid or pressured into writing my honest to God views on these issues nor do I have any financial gain from sharing my opinions on these issues.

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