A Trip Down Memory Lane

I’ve been a bit nostalgic in the last few days and part of that nostaligia is remembering some good, even amazing memories about living in Mexico. One of them was spending my Mexican Independence Day selling roses in Concordia,Sinaloa,Mexico. At the time I was living in Mazatlan in Sinaloa,Mexico and life was very interesting.


Concordia was home to streets made of cobblestones, its primary industry is furniture making to tourists, and travelers. It’s baked goods are only outmatched in the region by La Noria. It’s selection of amazing quesadilla at a local restaurant would make even the most picky eaters mouth water.

Concordia was a great memory. An exhausting day, with an enchanting church, and a great people. I even managed to sneak a few dances in during the work while my Teo was off selling Roses.

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