On The Road To Escuinapa

escuinapa bus

About a year ago I took a bus trip from Mazatlan to Escuinapa. I needed a few days away to think about life… about my future. I couldn’t think of a better place than Escuinapa,Sinaloa,Mexico.

escuinapa plazaThere’s a nice central plaza like in many small towns and its’ gorgeous. I spent a few hours just hanging out in the Plaza sipping on an ice cold Mexican Coca Cola, and day dreaming on what my next plans were. And where I wanted to go.

Escuinapa is a small city of roughly 30k people. But it feels much smaller. It is in the state of Sinaloa. One website thinks Escuinapa is in the middle of drug war country and while if you want to believe that crap go right ahead it’s also home to some amazing beaches, great seafood and relative calm in comparison to the rest of Mexico where I have lived which is in the heart of drug war country.

Escuinapa on the other hand was peaceful, calm and the people again suprised me by being so warm and compassionate. Which is normal and expected here in Mexico. I stayed in a ‘workers’ hostel for about 5 dollars and it was just a simple room with a bathroom and it was clean and fairly quiet and dumped out right into the central plaza.

escuinapa houses

Escuinapa will always hold some great memories for me. I spent a few days selling roses in the central plaza during some religious festivals and spent a few nights in a cozy hostel. The food was great, and the people gave me a real taste of non-touristy Mexico.

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