The Late Night In Rosario

el rosario

The town of Rosario was established in 1655 by Spanish Settlers in Sinaloa,Mexico. I travelled to Rosario during one of my many journeys selling flowers during religious festivals. My trip to Rosario was highlighted by a visit to the Church of our Lady of Rosario. It is home to an amazing shrine and a very seriously serene church with amazing architecture.

I made a quick pass through admiring this shrine and creation before heading out to sell flowers at a local dance and music concert that would go late into the night and into the early morning hours.

rosario golden shrine

The work of a florero is fascinating, much of the time I spent admiring the dancers, and dancing in my head wishing I was one of them. Sometimes I would take a break and dance with one of the local girls, making small talk and then moving on to dance with another girl.

I had a slow night selling flowers, but a great night practicing my dance and learning that dancing is literally about expressing that which is in the heart.

At around 2am I finally started selling flowers and quickly made the money that was neccesary to make the trip meaningful, and just in time as the rain drops began falling. The rain would continue falling for about a week bringing flooding, and mud all throughout Sinaloa making it neccesary to stay inside and enjoying a seasonal siesta.

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