We Need An Introduction

sonora canyons

The bus was hotter than hell. It was hotter than anything I had ever experienced. Ana had the window seat. I kept my eye out the window. It was hot, but the landscape was too amazing for me to fall asleep. We were passing through Sonora. I had dreams of a simpler life living in Mazatlan than the life I was living in Tijuana. I’m an American. I’ve been living in Tijuana for about a year and it’s violence has worn on me. I’ve been living with Ana for about 6 months. She’s from Mazatlan and is seeking a simpler life away from the grime, and scum of Tijuana. She eagerly wants a new life. She wants reconciliation. We are both heading off to chart new paths in her hometown. I’m nervous to meet her family, and to see where she grew up. To meet her children, and to hopefully fulfill a part of my dream of finding some sense of solace and happiness amidst the chaos that this world brings to so many of us. Especially those of us who are trapped in the “American Dream”.

I’m passing through new places, and in many ways it’s like going back in time to a place I’ve never been, and it’s wiping a slate clean for me. These people have no impressions of who I am, or who I’ve been. They will only know the me that exists in this moment.

In 18 short hours I will be in a new place, a place I will call home for a year of my life. A new journey has begun. A journey that offers much hope in finally shedding myself of the failures of the “American Dream”.

One thing I’ve learned in relationships is that travel often reveals how relationships will hold up long term under stress. This story is not about Ana’s path of reconciliation, or her charted course. This story is about my path. She plays an important role in helping me open up my eyes to the reality of a world I’ve never imagined.

I never found happiness in my work or my accomplishments or how much money I made. I wanted meaning. I set out on a simpler path, a learning journey. One that has truly changed my life for the better. I welcome you along as I retrace my steps.

Ana Maria, for her strong will power
Leslye, for her tenderness
Michelle, for her since of being above and behind reproach
Perla , for her compassion
Patty, for her humor
Fer, for his quiet strength
Alex, for his humanity
Baldo, for his adventures that changed my soul
Nuvia, for her integrity
JP, for your innocence. This story is for you.

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Welcome to my journey…

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