The Story of Florero

I’m working on memoirs of living in Mazatlan, and in a broader sense my living in the Mexican Riviera. It’s one of two projects related to Mexico that I am working on. I will be pretty transparent with this process. Some of this is painful, and some it is beautiful. I’m new to writing when it comes to trying to put together an eBook of this nature. But I really believe in this project so here it goes. I will keep this post on the front page and update each post below.

Project Title: Florero
SubTitle: Falling In Love With The Mexican Riviera

My story of searching for meaning and purpose while living in the Mexican Riviera. The story begins with me adjusting to life in Mazatlan, and taking on a new job selling roses at religious festivals throughout Sinaloa and Nayarit. The story starts out with my feelings of shock at living in a third world country in one of the poorer areas of Mazatlan and depicts a slow molding of my heart towards one of endearment towards a simpler way of life, and a compassionate people who overcome poverty by sharing life, love, and community.


Rough Drafts
1. We Need An Introduction
2. The Tears That Flowed
3. Where The Flowers Grow
4. A Rose For St. Francis

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