A Vision For A New World

After much thought and process, I remain committed to changing my life. By nature I’m an entrepreneur, sometimes that makes it difficult for me to continue on one path. Over the years I’ve had numerous web businesses, and turned around and sold them.

visions of a new world

I carry a bit of personal debt because of that and other things that have happened over the last few years. I remained committed to fixing that. Making that right.

But one thing I realized I’ve lived my entire life selfishly. I’m working on changing that. I think with everything that happened recently I realize that life is too short to really focus on building our own empires, achieving our own goals. While I struggle with a lot of things right now. I realize in order to really shape the future of my life.

Investing 10% and Beyond Into Social Capital Markets such as Kiva

Supporting Orphanages Throughout Mexico especially Tijuana.

I will be carving out a new startup once I first tackle some of my own personal debt load and get a bit of a personal nest egg going. The startup will also invest 10% and Beyond into Social Capital Markets.

I’m excited about living again. A bit tougher skin, a bit softer heart, and a genuine sense of hope that I can make a positive impact on the world going forward.

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