1 In 25 Children In Mexico Are Orphans

Many people don’t realize that Mexico is in a war. A war against drug cartels who import hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Drugs into the streets of the United States, and Canada.

Our own government makes an estimated 10-15 Billions of Dollars aiding the Mexican Cartels in illegal drug trafficking.

United States Defense Agencies are set to make billions more selling guns, and other arms to the Mexican Government to fight the very same Drug Cartels that we are in partnership with.

Yet there is a forgotten victim in all of this.

The Children.

There are 10 Million Orphans in Mexico.
Many of the children who are orphaned, are victims of crime. Many are preyed upon. Many more are sons and daughters of those who have been slain in a brutal war that is caused by American demand for drugs, fueled by our own government. One in Twenty Five Children in Mexico are Orphaned.

We can make a difference.

1 Write Your Senator
Ask them to end the CIA’s practice of Drug Trafficking

2Sponsor A Child Through Corazon De Vida
Corazon de Vida or Heart of Life, was formed in 1994 to raise funds and support for the children of Baja, Mexico. Without funds for housing, food or social programs for orphaned, homeless and abandoned children, Mexico is not able to provide a future for its youngest citizens.

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