Trading Places

I believe that my friend is in heaven not because of what she did on earth, but because of the amazing mercy of a creator. Regardless she saved my life, and I’d trade my undeserving home in heaven if given the choice.

Life is too short to live it out selfishly, or in pain, life is too short to stop loving people. And even though I dont want to open my heart up again to anyone. I must. I must believe that I have this huge heart to continue loving, forgive myself for allowing myself to drift into such a bad situation, and move forward remembering what she taught me, and appreciate life, and love, and the beauty and privilege of being born one of the richest people in the world , an American.

I am humbled by the Amazing Grace of a creator who I will never understand. I wake up every morning and I weep for those I have loved and lost. And then I realize I have lost them so that my heart will have room to love those who like me have no family to love them.

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