A Psalm of Peace

Standing alone on the shores I look outward to find you. In the mountains I look upward to find you. While my enemies surround me, you bring me peace. While they wear me down you lift me up. In life you have blessed me with all things. Great riches, great wisdom, great knowledge, great friends, but above all you gave me great love. In this shall I stand firm.


While those around me inflict hate, you bless me with love.
While those around me bring me fear, you give me peace.
While those around me sow violence, you touch me with healing.
While those around me rage in despair, you bring me hope.
While those around me vow injury, you grant me pardon.

O Master and Commander, Do not grant to me great consolation, but grant me the ability to console. Do not grant unto me revenge, but grant unto me great compassion in order to love my enemies.

For in learning to love my enemies I will be able to receive unconditional love. In learning to forgive, it is I who will be granted overflowing forgiveness. And in death I will be granted life to the fullest for eternity.

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