SEO: Essentials For Healthy Web Growth

There’s a misconception in the business world that Search Engine Optimization is a complex thing. I try in my development of websites and my management of clients to help walk them along the path of minimalism and simplicity of growth. I recently started working on a site with a friend it’s called Investing Thesis . It’s a Canadian site dealing with investing, stocks, and futures. It’s in the foundation process so we are in the initial process of finding fans, developing solid structures, and of course if I’m involved it’s built on the Thesis Platform, and will have kick ass SEO. Here’s the secret to SEO Success.

baking a cake

SEO is a major component of website growth, business growth, and expansionism for any owner of a website.

SEO is not complex. It’s as simple as baking a loaf of bread.

Below is my quick tutorial on the essentials of using strong search engine optimization to grow your website’s traffic via Google,Bing and Yahoo. Understanding this quick walk through is the same as your grandmother giving you here recipe to bake bread, practice is the ultimate perfecter.

SEO: Essentials for healthy web growth
1. Build Upon A Strong Platform
When building a new website, or revamping an old one. Build upon a strong platform. A simple content management system, or framework to keep your web standards up to par. A few examples of great platforms to build upon include: WordPress, Expression Engine, and MovableType.

2. Create Amazing Content for Your Fans
You can read 101 Tutorials about how to create great content, but ultimately you have to create content that your FANS will love, embrace, and share. They will share it in the forms of linking back to you, Tweets, Facebook Shares, submitting to Digg, Reddit, Stumbles, and emails. All of this helps your site gain more Fans, and also helps create more links, and social media authority. All of this is going to help your short term and long term growth. But the key thing here is to focus on your fans. If you create content for them the search engines will reward you with even more Fans.

3. Sharing is the most effective way to gain new Fans
Imagine being a musician and creating stunning music. But never sharing it. How is anyone going to be able to find it? They aren’t. Here’s a great set of resources in order to share your content with the world and gain new Fans.

Blog Directories

Sign up for blog directories to get new visitors and healthy link backs from a respected authority site in Google.

Social Media

Submit content that is relative to your niche, as well as sometimes submitting content from your own site.

Social Networks

Developing a healthy following on Social Networks is a great place to get your initial fans, and followers to your new web project.

Other valuable sources of links:
Viral Media Campaigns
Article Directories
Niche Social Media

There are lots of other valuable sources of links, some paid, some free. I try to focus on niche social media, and healthy links from related bloggers in my niche that I’m building in.

Remember SEO is like baking, if at first you don’t succeed try try again.

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