Why We Shouldn't Trust The Old Economy

Step back about 105 years. It was 1905. The automobile was just making it’s rise into the modern era. A new economy was taking shape. It’s what I call the old economy. With the invention of the automobile it spurred an increased demand for materials needed to manufacture automobiles. It created a massive boom in jobs in Detroit. It would create a boom in many industries. It would create a demand for OIL, and Gasoline.

horse and buggy

In the Old Economy we relied on foreign reserves of oil, and gas. In today’s world we’ve run out of cheap oil and gas. It’s part of the problem with the Old Economy. There’s no more cheap fuel. Experts have known it for 20+ years, but people are afraid of change. Especially the Old Economists who are still making huge profits from Oil and Gas.

However, if you and I are to survive in the New Economy we need to realize that society, and the Old Economists are setting us up to fail. We need to embrace change, and adapt to it. Self sufficiency, and having a plan is the key to embracing the elements of change in the New Economy.

Imagine if you were living in 1900, and ran a business as a buggy manufacturer. If you didn’t adapt and see all the warning signs you might have been out of business, and living in the poor house. Realize today that things are changing. The New Economy is here. The world we live in is changing, whether we like it or not. It has economic significance, energy significance, and transportation significance. It will effect our lifestyles whether we like it or not.

When we run out of cheap gasoline and prices rise to $7 dollars a gallon what will you do ?

Understanding this ahead of time will help you be prepared. I don’t have all the answers but I have a firm understanding that we are headed towards a complete collapse of the Old Economy, and a severe energy crisis. I’m no expert but I do hang out with some experts that are central towards fueling the New Economy.

Renewable Energy Will Fuel The New Economy

national renewable energy laboratory

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is home to some of the brightest minds in the world, they are busily working as fast, and as diligently as possible to help solve our energy problems here in the United States, with a limited budget.

The Old Economists don’t really support alternative energy.

You might wonder why I think that the Old Economists don’t suppot alternative energy and it really boils down to profits. Old Econimists are still rolling in profits from expensive gas and oil. In fact their profits are skyrocketing. And until we run out of oil they will always reap a dividend of absurdity. Because of this they don’t want to see CHANGE. It effects their bottom line.

The government doesn’t fully support alternative energy. You might wonder why I came to this conclusion and it again boils down to dollars and cents.

The US Federal Government only invests 319 million out of a 34 Billion Dollar Energy Budget on Renewable Energy.

In my opinion this is bad planning. The Federal Government knows we are headed towards an energy crisis that will cripple the economy but they fail to invest more than a small percentage on developing a PLAN now that we have ran out of cheap fuel. They don’t want to upset the automotive and oil industry that busily keeps fueling their re-election campaigns.

What Do The Old Economic Hubs Look Like Today ?

ruins of detroit

Have you ever thought about what the hubs of the Old Economy look like today? All you have to do is look at the ruins of Detroit. We have a bright future ahead if we place continued reliance on the Old Economists. Just around the corner the rest of the United States will start looking like this.

Would you rather rely on the Old Economy or embrace change and become apart of the New Economy ?

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