What Everyone Ought To Know About Staying Young

When I was younger I thought my body was a human wrecking ball. I worked too long of hours, I ate horribly, and in general took for granted my health. I didn’t excercise in all the right spots and well I now regret it. But it’s not to late, The world’s wealthy spend millions of dollars a year trying to look younger, stay healthier, and us average joes could never stay as youthful, and as beautiful as they could. Could we ?

Recently I took the RealAge test, I didn’t do nearly as well as I hoped. I’m 29 years old, and it said my RealAge was 33 years old. I think a lot of this was because of my party hard like a rockstar for a number of years, and a few different surgical procedures over the years. Needless to say it gives me a starting point in which to begin becoming younger. Take a look at Demi Moore, or any Hollywood Actress over 40 and tell me they don’t look younger than many 40 year olds you know.

Here in the United States we live in a fast food culture, a processed foods culture. In general we struggle with obesity, and poor dietary habits. All of this fast food and processed junk foods create inflammation in our bodies. fastfood

Scientists agree that one of the most significant factors contributing to aging is chronic inflammation. As we age, we gravitate towards a number of identifiable inflammatory diseases. Chronic inflammation damages the cells of our brains, heart, arterial walls, and other body structures. Heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, prostatitis and stroke are just a few of the aging diseases attributed to chronic inflammation.

Five Powerful Anti Aging Herbs

Here are a 5 Anti Aging Herbs that have started me back on a path of feeling younger, and physically being younger. You too can begin the path to reclaim your youth. These herbs WORK, in combination with good eating, excercise, and proper lifestyle management.

Ginseng ~ Your Body’s All Natural Stress Reliever
Rhodiola Rosea ~ Your Body’s Anti-Aging Adaptogen
Ashwagandha ~ Your Body’s Anti-Inflammatory Adaptogen
Cordyceps Sinesis ~ Your Body’s Super Anti-Oxidizer
Reishi Mushroom ~ Your Body’s Immune Booster

In Conclusion
What you put into your body is what directly effects your aging processes. That includes food, environment, and relational scenarios. They all can cause various levels of stress, which lead to inflammation and aging. They key to staying as young, and gorgeous as a Hollywood Rockstar is to make sure you are putting good raw,organic, natural healthy foods into your body, limiting your daily stress levels at home and work, as well as maintaining healthy relationships and counter-acting any stress in your body,mind, and soul with the proper herbal supplements to correct these negative energies in your body.

Staying Young is a choice you make. Choosing to be young is about making the right choices in how you treat your body. All the factors that effect aging are simple to counteract but you have to make them every single day in regards to diet, work, environment, relationships, and exercise.

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